Harv’s Footy Stars – 30 Years of Caricatures

For over 30 years Paul Harvey has caricatured hundreds of the greatest players to ever don a football boot. From Coventry and Dyer, Matthews and Ablett, Flower and Blight through to Hipwood and Tipungwuti, Harv has drawn them all in his own inimitable style. His caricatures have appeared on everything from book and magazine covers to framed milestone celebrations, emojis, toffee tins, micro-figures, t-shirts and stubby holders.

A wise man once wrote that caricature is like a portrait with the sound turned up. This is particularly true of Harv’s caricatures which are always a stunning likeness but so much more. They are poignant statements about the player, the fluidity of his movement, his idiosyncrasies, the skills and his achievements

This book is not only a celebration of our great game through the eyes of one of the country’s pre-eminent exponents of the art, but it continues a long tradition of art and football and the role of the caricaturist in furthering the rich history of the National Game.

In celebration of the release of Harv’s Footy Stars-Harv is offering a FREE book and a FREE personal caricature for the first person to correctly name all the footballers depicted in the attached illustration. Just open the file (PDF), include the 130 correct names and email the file to Harv at paul@harv.com.au 

Be sure to include your contact details and the team you support

The first correct entry will receive a book and a caricature of themselves in team gear. You can enter as many times as you wish. Get your mum, dad and grandparents involved as there are players from many eras involved. Good luck and have fun.


  • Email to paul@harv.com.au
  • Include your contact details
  • Include the team you support